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This entry has pretty much nothing to do with petsitting.  But as I’m very fond of saying, “It’s my blog and I’ll write what I darn well please.”

I’ve been temp-ing at an office and the hardest thing about it is leaving my dogs every morning and not seeing them for hours.  A VERY close second is the drive.  Now, it’s not a long drive at all, but any time on the freeway first thing in the morning is no fun at all.  So not fun, in fact, that I started noticing I was extra grumpy upon arriving at the office.  Also, my coffee intake quadrupled, and I’m not a fan of coffee.  One morning I went to get in my car and saw that  I had forgotten to put the convertible top up the night before.  Since I didn’t have a single minute to spare (as usual),  if I was going t0 make it to work on time, I grabbed a cap I always keep in the glove box, and off I went.

It was kinda cold and a little gloomy out, definitely not top-down weather.  Those were my thoughts as I pulled away from the curb.  Next thing I know, I’m about to miss my exit.  I swung into a parking spot and hopped out, almost giddy.  I was not grumpy that morning or any morning since.  If you have a commute you dread, I highly recommend getting yourself a convertible and baby, Put That Top Down!!!!!

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