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Last week I got a head cold.  Classic sneezy, headache, alternately stuffy and runny nose.  I consider myself unbelievably lucky to be able to take a day or two off work without any financial hardship, which is good because I did absolutely nothing Sunday and Monday except sleep.  My husband had to go into the office so it was just me and The Girls.  When I’m sick or upset my dog Scooty always knows and always comes to comfort me.  If I cry she presses the side of her face against the side of my face and occasionally she will lick a tear.  It’s ridiculous that a dog should be capable of giving such comfort but she is. 

When I’m sick and spend a day or two in bed I am ALWAYS accompanied by two chihuahuas…one behind my knees and one in front of my belly.  Such comfort.  And joy…every animal I have ever had has given me joy every single day that they were alive.  Humans over the age of one  just aren’t capable of the totally unconditional love our pets give us.  Comfort and joy.

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