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Bob The Snake

Superbowl….ah, Superbowl.  My team didn’t even make the playoffs but that doesn’t diminish my joy of the pomp and circumstance that is Superbowl.  I had a client early in the day whose parents were nice enough to leave Animal Planet on for him while they are gone and he was able to watch Puppy Bowl VIII.  Then back home so we could prepare our dish for the party (and when I say “we” I mean my fabulous husband).  Then off to the festivities!

First of all, the food….FANTASTIC!  Lots of people, kids, and of course televisions.  The pre-game festivities were kind of a let down because Phllip Rivers didn’t win the Walter Payton NFL Man Of The Year award.  Then the game.  I was pulling for the Giants, love Tom Coughlin and Eli.  There was some anxiety about Madonna’s halftime show but having been a teen in the 80’s, I shouldn’t have worried.  Girl rocked the halftime!  Of course the main attraction was the game.  What a game.  Seriously, What A Game!!!!!!  Towards the end of  the fourth quarter it was brought to my attention that if the scored remained the same I would be the lucky recipient of $500.  The score remained the same : ) 

Oh, I almost forgot about Bob the Snake.  One thing I love about going to friends’ home is their animals.  This hosting family had just one pet, that’s right…Bob the Snake.  Bob is a medium-sized King snake and very handsome.  I’m not sure where snakes got such a bad reputation.  My first pet ever was a snake.  His name was Horatio, he was a baby boa constrictor and cute as a button.  All holidays should be about fun, friends and food and Superbowl is no exception.

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