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valentine-doggie-doggy-treatsCatnip on Valentine's Day...Priceless

No one will ever accuse me of being a romantic, I think Valentine’s Day is the silliest occasion ever.  Notice I said occasion, not holiday.  It’s not a real holiday, it’s an homage to capitalism.  If your 1/2 of a couple you’re under pressure to have a perfect romantic gift and dinner and…well, whatever.  If you’re single, even if you’re happy being single like I was for years, you feel inadequate for not being 1/2 of a couple.  So silly.

On the other hand, any occasion/holiday is an opportunity to craft.  And I did.  I made a really fun crafty gift for my husband that he absolutely loved, he even got “misty”.  A handmade gift is always the very best, don’t you think?  I spent February 13th baking and sewing.  Baking is usually something I detest but this was an ideal opportunity, making treats for my canine clients.  What are they gonna do, complain?  Plus, the recipe was shockingly simple and I found adorable cookie cutters on sale at Michael’s Crafts.  Sewing I’m more comfortable with.  Found felt squares the exact color of the Whiskers Camarillo logo and already had organic catnip left over from another recent kitty craft.  I hope all of my clients and their humans had a great Valentine’s Day even if they chose to ignore the occasion altogether :+)

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