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Brothers Frank & Andy

Whiskers would like to introduce our newest clients, brothers,  Frank and Andy.  Two of the most adorable orange Tabby’s you could ever meet.  I only got to spend 4 visits with the Boys but every minute was a pleasure.  They were impossible for me to tell apart except by temperment…Andy met me at the door, was the perfect host from day 1 and gave me grief (he’s very vocal) the day I was a little bit late.  Frank stalked me the first day, but warmed up enough to let me pick him up.  By the second day, both kitties would sit side-by-side and watch me prepare their meals.  Ever noticed how cats love to watch us pitiful humans perform menial tasks for them?  Andy never missed a minute of me cleaning the litter box…from up high on the cat condo.  Cats!

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