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Last week Whiskers welcomed two of its newest friends, and in another Whisker’s first….they don’t have Whiskers. Or fur.  They are both Sphynx cats.  I had never seen one except in pictures so I was looking forward to meeting them.  Pictures do not do them justice.  They are the coolest-looking animals I have ever seen.  And super soft, which I totally didn’t expect. 

Their names are S.A. and Pickles and they look like living art.  This breed is a result of a genetic anomaly that occurred in the 60’s in Canada.  The breed became unexpectedly popular amongst cat owners.  In my research about the Sphynx cat I did come across an unexpected and truly disturbing trend (seriously, who even thinks of these things?) of tatooing these animals.  I wouldn’t even consider including pictures of this sick and disgusting practice in this post because no human with any compassion at all would even consider doing this.  I made a point of not tagging any images or search words in this post that might further encourage such a total lack of judgement and intelligence. 

I am very pleased and happy to welcome S.A. and little Pickles to our merry band of Friends With (and without) Whiskers  :+)

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