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So I go to my favorite design blog and I notice that they have a new category about…wait for it…………………..DOGS.   Actually, it’s about pets in general, but mostly dogs.  It’s a site I go to mainly for inspiration because I couldn’t in my wildest dreams afford anything I see on there and that includes almost every single thing I’m about to blog about. 

 Now I’m for sure a crazy pet lover who spends what it takes to make sure my babies are happy and more importantly, healthy.  Then there are the “luxe” products I see and dream of.  I always ask myself, if money were no object would I seriously buy these things?  And if I did, would I be consumed with guilt?  Could I watch my pets enjoying these luxuries and not think about how many children could be fed, clothed and/or educated with that same amount of money?  Since money is an object I don’t know for sure, but a girl can dream…             CONTINUED AFTER THE JUMP   


In truth, I would absolutely at least attempt to DIY these things.  It’s who I am.  We recently moved into a home with the ugliest light fixtures I’ve seen in a while, and believe me sister, I’ve seen some.  I’m a fairly savvy bargain shopper and the lowest priced drum shade  I could find in the size we needed with was about $70.  I was prepared to pay that $70 until I saw close-up photos of the fixtures I could afford.  A little voice inside whispered “I can make that”.  It’s no good ignoring that whisper, until I at least give it a shot.   All I can think of is making that gosh darn thing.  As it turns out, I could make that drum shade.  And I did.  For $13.    And it looks fantastic.  So I look at that ridiculously priced, fabulous mid-century modern looking dog  bed and off in the distance I hear a whisper…

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