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My husband and I are leaving for a few days on the Colorado River, sans our dogs.  Chihuahuas aren’t exactly a hardy breed and bringing them wouldn’t be best for them.  In making plans for the trip I made the usual lists:  food, ask the neighbors to check on the house, haul out the camping supplies and hot weather clothes…all check.  Make reservation with our fab petsitter…not so much.  SHE’S MOVING TO IDAHO.  Totally devastated.  The Girls L-O-V-E  Shannon and her pets.  I leave them there knowing that, sadly for me, they barely miss me.

I’m a big believer in referrals.  I can’t even imagine going online and picking a petsitter off Google results.  Kinda funny, ’cause that’s how I make my living.  I never really even thought about it because I know me and I’m the exact petsitter I would want for my pets.  I’m also a very big believer in listening to your instincts.  That’s how I chose our petsitter and it could not have worked out better.  We met her once and knew instantly she was exactly what we needed.  And she was.  And now she’s in Idaho. 

Leaving the dogs with a pet sitter was a big deal for me.  I had always travelled  with my dogs and when I got married, we still took them everywhere.  I did, however, marry a (wonderful) man with a gigantic family, all of whom live on the other side of the country.  The first time we took them with us they handled the cross-country, multiple flight trip better than we did.  They are a couple of pretty old broads now and flying across the country doesn’t seem like the best idea for them.  I called other pet sitters and our wonderful neighbors offered to even let them stay with them.  None of it felt exactly right.  I finally got a referral from a friend and I feel good about leaving the babies with her. 

When you can, take them with you.  When you can’t trust your gut.

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