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Keho (spelling?)My husband and I have lived in Old Town for 5 years now and while we love the concerts and movies in the park and make a point of walking the classic car shows, we wait all year long for FIESTA. We plan our other vacations around it and we expect our friends, families and neighbors to do the same. We are lucky to have an ideal location for all the festivities. We can listen to the band at the end of the block while we scarf down the cholesterol-laden calorie feasts known as "fair food". Then, at our leisure, we stroll down the boulevard perusing the booths. It takes us a long time to get to the other end of the fair because I have one weakness even greater than funnel cake...Fiesta Dogs. Camarillo, Old Town in particular, is very very pet friendly. Everyone brings their dogs to Fiesta. It's fantastic. Even in the beer garden I see dogs. Here are just a few of the dogs of Fiesta Izzy (Instagramed)Bubba"Cadillac" behind bars at the beer garden

Hot Dog


Fiesta Dog

"Daisy" (adorable name)

Old Town Locals

Doggy In A Cooler

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