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“Sweet Louie”




Sugar The Cat



My Mom used to say, “You can’t be sad holding a puppy (or kitten or piglet, etc.)”.  Not only is this totally true, fully-grown animals work every bit as well.  Case in point:  I had a very emotional morning and had a client to see when all I wanted was to crawl back in bed and cry for a while.  I arrived still upset and teary and unlocked the door, steeling myself for a drooly mini-maul from a 2 year-old St. Bernard with a whole lot of puppy left in her (something I usually enjoy).  Instead, out walked Lola (mini-mauler) followed by Louie (pictured) with their heads down and their tails wagging.  They both looked at me with their sweet puppy dog eyes waiting to be leashed up.  They absolutely knew.  We went for a leisurely walk after which they waited patiently for their breakfast.  While they ate, Sugar the cat jumped into my lap and snuggled up, purring.  On the drive home I noticed what a beautiful day it was and upon returning home my husband brought me my fave brekky from Old New York Deli.  Feeling down?  Prescription:  Go find yourself a dog or cat (or piglet) or two

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