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Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

This is Romeo, named by yours truly.  You know how your mom always said, “don’t feed that cat or it’ll never leave”?  My clients fed Romeo and Mom was right, he’s been around ever since.  At first they just put some kibble out now and again, then they got him an automatic feeder and now he gets kibble and wet food every morning and evening.  In the beginning, he wouldn’t even approach the bowl until the human was back in the house behind the closed sliding door.  Then he got braver, then braver still.  Now when the slider is opened he walks right in like he owns the place!  My client’s cat is clearly not overjoyed with this new development but when he’s not around she sits in front of the slider waiting for him.  I guess it’s a love/hate relationship.  He’s still skittish but I forsee another furry family member for these clients and I couldn’t be happier for both parties.

Feral cats can become wonderful family pets.  Wild cats need to be spayed/nuetered even if you don’t intend to allow them into your home.  Most animal shelters have a “Catch And Release” program wherein you are provided with a special box that “traps” the cat when the walk under the box to get the food you use as bait.  You then take the cat to the shelter and they return to you a freshly spayed or nuetered kitty.  It’s that simple to ensure that dozens of new kittens aren’t born without homes, ending up in already overcrowded shelters.  My family was the lucky recipient of a number of wild cats who became family members, sometimes our family, sometimes another family,  So I know firsthand  that the only tool you need is patience.  Not everyone is cut out for a feral cat, obviously, but if you have room in your home, your family and your heart for another cat….just sayin.

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