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Not long ago I was on hold to speak to my vet and instead of music, I listened to health facts and tips.  One of the facts was that every pound over your small pet’s ideal weight causes their little hearts to work up to 25% harder.  I decided to publish this because we all want our fur babies around and healthy as long as possible and many of us are unknowingly jeopardizing that.  The only tip here I would disregard personally is weighing myself then weighing myself again with my pet…neither of those is gonna happen since my vet has a scale that in no way involves me being humiliated in my own home.

Statistics show that cats are getting fatter. This might make you wonder a couple of things. First, could your cat be among this growing number? A visual test can get you started on answering that question.

The second question that can come to mind is: How bad is the problem? Check out this infographic for stats on overweight cats and obese cats, and learn how to get your fat cat back on track.

Fat Cat or Fit Cat Infographic




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