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So here is my review on Harrah’s Group Casinos PetStay Program.  It’s actually a  partial review due to the fact that the casino where we stayed with our two small dogs is undegoing a major facelift including a name change.  The Imperial Palace will from here forward be referred to as “The Quad”.  I give the program 4 out of 5 stars based on our last stay at one of the participating casinos. My overall impression of the PetStay program was definitely affected by the fact that, despite being promoted on all of the Harrah’s Group websites, both times I have visited with my pets the casinos were unprepared to deliver the promised amenities.  On our first trip we booked our pet room at the Paris in Las Vegas and the only actual amenity offered to us was a single “potty station” which was barely big enough for myself and two chihuahuas.  It was also covered in artificial grass, which as a general rule I am a fan of, especially in drought states like Nevada.  Artificial grass in Nevada in July with no shade however, is blazing hot on little paws. On our second trip we stayed at The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace), which as I mentioned earlier, was undergoing extensive renovations.   At check-in we were told that food and water bowls were not yet in the room but would be delivered.  Our room was located at the very back of the casino in an older section that required us to take a confusing combination of stairs and elevators.  A package containing rubber-bottom bowls, a feeding mat, a door hanger indicating pets were in the room and low-fat organic treats was delivered within the hour.  My girls loved the treats, the door hanger gave me the peace of mind that housekeeping wouldn’t enter inadvertently and I’m still using the bowls because they’re so much cuter than the ones I had.  The potty station was large enough and covered in fresh green grass.  The only thing I would like to have made available would be pet stairs for senior and small dogs who can’t get up onto the bed without help. Seeing as this program is still relatively new I’m hoping that later in the year the wrinkles will be worked out.  I love that such a large group of casino/hotels have implemented a pet-friendly program and will continue to spread the word.  Again,   **Whiskers Camarillo is in no way affiliated with or receiving any compensation from Harrah’s Group**

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