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IMG_20140417_161636_812For those of you not in the know, April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month. While browsing one of my favorite websites I came across an app for handling pet first aid. My interest was piqued. The app, Pet First Aid, is made available by the American Red Cross, an organization I know and trust. For .99 cents (iPhone and Android) you are given access to both emergency and preventative information on dogs and cats.
Not having a clue during a pet emergency is scary. I absolutely suggest an actual class on pet first aid but that’s not for everybody. This app gives you step-by-step instructions on how to handle 25+ common first aid situations. The app uses text, video and images. Your .99 cents also gives help for behavioral problems, has interactive quizzes and instant numbers for the emergency veterinarian nearest your location. You will get Do’s and Don’ts such as, for a sting, “Don’t try to remove the stinger, call your vet.”
In addition, the app includes tutorials on administering meds and taking a pet’s vitals. And of course, no pet site would be complete without a pet-friendly hotel locator.

Photo Credit:  Ruby, our new adoptee


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