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Recently our dog Scooty began exhibiting signs of diabetes so we took her to our vet.  After a full (and very expensive) blood panel and urinalysis, the diagnosis was, to say the least, devastating.  Scooty’s test results were off the charts bad.  The worst of it, we were told, was that she was in chronic kidney failure.  The vet recommended a canned food diet specifically for kidney disease and then re-testing her in 30 days but I got the feeling she didn’t think Scooty would be around by then.

Let me back up a bit before I describe her new diet.  15 years ago I switched my dogs to an organic, holistic diet when it occurred to me that I would never ever eat the crap that was on the label of their regular food.  After much research I realized I simply could not afford to buy and have shipped the kind of food I wanted them to eat.  So I consulted with my vet and we came up with recipes I could make myself.  I did this for about three years until pet boutiques carrying organic canned food began cropping up in my area.  When I looked at the canned food the vet was advocating I saw all that same crap, fillers, nitrates and preservatives.  So I asked if she had any recipes I could use that incorporated whole, organic foods and after digging through some old boxes she came up with a recipe from a course she took on homeopathic medicine 10 years earlier.  I’ve been using that recipe, combined with others from a veterinary nutritionist.

I’m thrilled to report that 30 days later Scooty is eating her new food, drinking water and sprinting around like her old self.  Oh, did I mention she’s 19 years old?  She’s our own medical miracle.  What I don’t understand is how am I the only patient in all her many years of practice to question giving their pet that nasty, processed food?  Not one other person asked if there was an alternative?  In this, the age of organic foods, alternative healing and pet obsession?  Really?

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