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This is our newest addition, Ruby.  She’s an approximately 13-year old, 4 lb. Chihuahua rescue found living on the streets in Oxnard, Ca.  We love Ruby and she really is the perfect dog for us, with one small exception…she has a tendency to bark.  We’ve always taken our dogs with us anywhere we can (and some places we aren’t supposed to).  Not long ago, we took her with us on a trip and she stayed behind at the hotel while we went to watch football.  Two hours later we received a call from the (pet friendly) hotel informing us that our sweet girl had been yapping her head off.  I picked her up from the hotel and she spent the rest of the day with us at a sports bar in her carrier with no problems at all, they never even knew she was there.  The problem seems to be separation anxiety and now my resolution (and I like to think hers too) is to help her with that so she can continue to travel with us.  In short, I have to find a way to make her feel okay when we aren’t around so that we can have her with us more often.  I’ll post our progress as it goes along.

*** This is the first post I have written since my beautiful Scooty died, shortly before her 20th birthday.  Every time I sat down to write about anything to do with dogs, I became so overwhelmed with grief that I would turn off my computer and have a meltdown.  Blogging is something I’ve always enjoyed doing and something that is absolutely vital to my business website so I’m dedicated to blogging regularly again.

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