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This is our newest addition, Ruby.  She’s an approximately 13-year old, 4 lb. Chihuahua rescue found living on the streets in Oxnard, Ca.  We love Ruby and she really is the perfect dog for us, with one small exception…she has a tendency to bark.  We’ve always taken our dogs with us anywhere we can (and some places we aren’t supposed to).  Not long ago, we took her with us on a trip and she stayed behind at the hotel while we went to watch football.  Two hours later we received a call from the (pet friendly) hotel informing us that our sweet girl had been yapping her head off.  I picked her up from the hotel and she spent the rest of the day with us at a sports bar in her carrier with no problems at all, they never even knew she was there.  The problem seems to be separation anxiety and now my resolution (and I like to think hers too) is to help her with that so she can continue to travel with us.  In short, I have to find a way to make her feel okay when we aren’t around so that we can have her with us more often.  I’ll post our progress as it goes along.

*** This is the first post I have written since my beautiful Scooty died, shortly before her 20th birthday.  Every time I sat down to write about anything to do with dogs, I became so overwhelmed with grief that I would turn off my computer and have a meltdown.  Blogging is something I’ve always enjoyed doing and something that is absolutely vital to my business website so I’m dedicated to blogging regularly again.

IMG_20140417_161636_812For those of you not in the know, April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month. While browsing one of my favorite websites I came across an app for handling pet first aid. My interest was piqued. The app, Pet First Aid, is made available by the American Red Cross, an organization I know and trust. For .99 cents (iPhone and Android) you are given access to both emergency and preventative information on dogs and cats.
Not having a clue during a pet emergency is scary. I absolutely suggest an actual class on pet first aid but that’s not for everybody. This app gives you step-by-step instructions on how to handle 25+ common first aid situations. The app uses text, video and images. Your .99 cents also gives help for behavioral problems, has interactive quizzes and instant numbers for the emergency veterinarian nearest your location. You will get Do’s and Don’ts such as, for a sting, “Don’t try to remove the stinger, call your vet.”
In addition, the app includes tutorials on administering meds and taking a pet’s vitals. And of course, no pet site would be complete without a pet-friendly hotel locator.

Photo Credit:  Ruby, our new adoptee


"products provided by Harrah's"

PetStay Swag

So here is my review on Harrah’s Group Casinos PetStay Program.  It’s actually a  partial review due to the fact that the casino where we stayed with our two small dogs is undegoing a major facelift including a name change.  The Imperial Palace will from here forward be referred to as “The Quad”.  I give the program 4 out of 5 stars based on our last stay at one of the participating casinos. My overall impression of the PetStay program was definitely affected by the fact that, despite being promoted on all of the Harrah’s Group websites, both times I have visited with my pets the casinos were unprepared to deliver the promised amenities.  On our first trip we booked our pet room at the Paris in Las Vegas and the only actual amenity offered to us was a single “potty station” which was barely big enough for myself and two chihuahuas.  It was also covered in artificial grass, which as a general rule I am a fan of, especially in drought states like Nevada.  Artificial grass in Nevada in July with no shade however, is blazing hot on little paws. On our second trip we stayed at The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace), which as I mentioned earlier, was undergoing extensive renovations.   At check-in we were told that food and water bowls were not yet in the room but would be delivered.  Our room was located at the very back of the casino in an older section that required us to take a confusing combination of stairs and elevators.  A package containing rubber-bottom bowls, a feeding mat, a door hanger indicating pets were in the room and low-fat organic treats was delivered within the hour.  My girls loved the treats, the door hanger gave me the peace of mind that housekeeping wouldn’t enter inadvertently and I’m still using the bowls because they’re so much cuter than the ones I had.  The potty station was large enough and covered in fresh green grass.  The only thing I would like to have made available would be pet stairs for senior and small dogs who can’t get up onto the bed without help. Seeing as this program is still relatively new I’m hoping that later in the year the wrinkles will be worked out.  I love that such a large group of casino/hotels have implemented a pet-friendly program and will continue to spread the word.  Again,   **Whiskers Camarillo is in no way affiliated with or receiving any compensation from Harrah’s Group**

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

This is Romeo, named by yours truly.  You know how your mom always said, “don’t feed that cat or it’ll never leave”?  My clients fed Romeo and Mom was right, he’s been around ever since.  At first they just put some kibble out now and again, then they got him an automatic feeder and now he gets kibble and wet food every morning and evening.  In the beginning, he wouldn’t even approach the bowl until the human was back in the house behind the closed sliding door.  Then he got braver, then braver still.  Now when the slider is opened he walks right in like he owns the place!  My client’s cat is clearly not overjoyed with this new development but when he’s not around she sits in front of the slider waiting for him.  I guess it’s a love/hate relationship.  He’s still skittish but I forsee another furry family member for these clients and I couldn’t be happier for both parties.

Feral cats can become wonderful family pets.  Wild cats need to be spayed/nuetered even if you don’t intend to allow them into your home.  Most animal shelters have a “Catch And Release” program wherein you are provided with a special box that “traps” the cat when the walk under the box to get the food you use as bait.  You then take the cat to the shelter and they return to you a freshly spayed or nuetered kitty.  It’s that simple to ensure that dozens of new kittens aren’t born without homes, ending up in already overcrowded shelters.  My family was the lucky recipient of a number of wild cats who became family members, sometimes our family, sometimes another family,  So I know firsthand  that the only tool you need is patience.  Not everyone is cut out for a feral cat, obviously, but if you have room in your home, your family and your heart for another cat….just sayin.

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