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A place for information, trivia, etcetera…please feel free to add your own in “Comments” below. This month we’re spotlighting alternative approaches to commercial dog food and treatments.  Please note that Whiskers does not endorse any products or receive compensation of any kind from companies displayed on any links.

Did You Know…That Holistic Approaches To Diet And Wellness Can Improve Your Pet’s Quality Of Life?

About 10 years ago I decided that if I chose to eat mostly organic and to take a holistic approach to everyday wellness why not embrace that same approach for our animals?  The term holistic should probably be spelled “Whole”istic.  It means treating the whole body with what benefits it most, from diet to exercise to avoiding external factors,  like harmful chemicals. 

My pets have been on an exclusively organic holistic diet for these last 10 years.  My two dogs are thirteen and fifteen years old (They’re the two adorable ankle-biters on my Home Page).  Even at their advanced ages they are both ridiculously healthy.  My older dog’s only real health issue in her life is arthritis in her hips last few years.  Everyone in our family has their own technique for massaging her hips ( a holistic non-invasive pain treatment) and we all think ours works best… but  it does work.  Arthritis hasn’t affected the quality of her life.  Both dogs still love to walk and run.    At the dog park people are always surprised at their ages.   Many think my thirteen-year-old is a puppy!

I believe absolutely that a holistic diet and holistic approaches to common ailments ( i.e., fleas, allergies) have made all the difference in my own health and in my pet’s health.  I hope you will look into intergrating a holistic approach into your lives.  There is so much information out there but don’t be confused.  Learn the basics and talk to your vet.    Whiskers Camarillo wishes good health to you and your animals.