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We consider Daisy a close friend of the family.   When she met our dog, Scrappy after we adopted him from a shelter, she said “how could anyone let such a great and good-looking animal go?”  Daisy would adopt every animal in every shelter if space and finances weren’t an issue.  We have never hesitated to leave our dog or our home in Daisy’s care.  She is responsible, honest to a fault and cares deeply not just for our Scrappy but for all animals.

                                                                                                                                                 – The Russell Family

Daisy will care for your pets as if they were her own

 – Carrie Damico (Nacho, Gidget, Ramzie & Seymour)

 Daisy(D.J.) takes the time to make sure everyone gets one-on-one attention two times a day. Benny being a Bengal has a special diet and Daisy always adheres to it. Abbey is super shy and needs coaxing to come out and play but when she does finally come out she loves games. KIT was an alley cat and does not trust many people but Daisy won him over super quick and knows he enjoys a daily brush. Daisy is more then just a person who comes and dumps food in the bowl and leaves. She is caring, compassionate and kind.

 –  Deanna Reynolds (KIT, Abbey & Benny)

I’ve known Daisy for 12 years and since the first time I met her she was the biggest animal lover.  I’m happy to see  Daisy  able to put her love for animals into everyday life.  I wholeheartedly trust that Daisy will take the best care of every pet that comes her way.  It’s such peace of mind to go on vacation or  a business trip knowing that your pet, which is part of your family, will be in good hands and getting all the attention they deserve.

 –  Carla (Sammy & Ninja)