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Things can get pretty crazy at the holidays and all the shopping, cooking, wrapping and houseguests is what we tend to be focused on. Pet safety is something most pet owners never give a second thought, not because they don’t love their animals, but because there is so much additional work to be done this time of year.  Here is a brief list of  holiday items that can be potentially dangerous to our household pets:

Decorations Shiny decorations like tinsel, ribbon and yarn are especially appealing to cats and can cause serious damage when ingested, sometimes requiring abdominal surgury.

Plants – Poinsettias get a bad rap and they are mildly toxic but lilies, holly (and holly berries) and mistletoe are far more dangerous.  Keep these away from all pets, particularly young pets.

Food  Chocolate, onions and some of the fruits that are plentiful around the holidays are toxic and can cause kidney and liver failure.  Raisins, grapes and currants are all toxic and found in most fruitcakes.  Hopefully it goes without saying that alcohol is never for pets.  There’s nothing wrong with having fatty meats this time of year in moderation, but even small amounts can be harmful to animals.  Treat your pets with healthy treats formulated especially for them.  Baby carrots, for instance, make a delicious crunchy dog treat.

**Never Feed Other People’s Pets Table Scraps.  They May Have Allergies Or Dietary Restrictions You Are Unaware Of **

PET POISON HOTLINE   (800) 213 – 6680  Provides 24/7  Operators.  $35 fee per incident may be charged

Whiskers Camarillo is in no way affiliated with the pet poison hotline

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This entry has pretty much nothing to do with petsitting.  But as I’m very fond of saying, “It’s my blog and I’ll write what I darn well please.”

I’ve been temp-ing at an office and the hardest thing about it is leaving my dogs every morning and not seeing them for hours.  A VERY close second is the drive.  Now, it’s not a long drive at all, but any time on the freeway first thing in the morning is no fun at all.  So not fun, in fact, that I started noticing I was extra grumpy upon arriving at the office.  Also, my coffee intake quadrupled, and I’m not a fan of coffee.  One morning I went to get in my car and saw that  I had forgotten to put the convertible top up the night before.  Since I didn’t have a single minute to spare (as usual),  if I was going t0 make it to work on time, I grabbed a cap I always keep in the glove box, and off I went.

It was kinda cold and a little gloomy out, definitely not top-down weather.  Those were my thoughts as I pulled away from the curb.  Next thing I know, I’m about to miss my exit.  I swung into a parking spot and hopped out, almost giddy.  I was not grumpy that morning or any morning since.  If you have a commute you dread, I highly recommend getting yourself a convertible and baby, Put That Top Down!!!!!